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One of the most popular choices to have a vacation is going on a cruise. In fact, taking a cruise is on many people’s bucket list. In this article we will look at the reasons why cruising is a very exciting way to go on holidays, and also things to look out for in planning for a cruise such as arranging the cruise transfers.

There are many reasons why getting on a cruise ship is a popular option for many people planning a holidays. Some of these are:

  • Romantic vacation – Going on a cruise is identical to a trip full of romance – with secluded beaches, the luxury of a cruise ship, a balcony overlooking the view of the ocean in the middle of the sea – these are just some of the romantic pursuits available for the two people in love.
  • Value – It has been said that a cruise is of good value as you get everything with one price – the experience, dining, cabin, activities, sightseeing, entertain and more.
  • Variety of unique experience – There are tens and even hundreds of cruise options available anywhere you go on a cruise terminal. You are bound to find an ideal trip just for you, and some cruises even provide a customise package according to your needs.
  • Cuisine – The variety and luxury of the food and beverages on a cruise ship is also one of the most attractive factors for some people. Options range from gourmet food with exotic ingredients, old time favourite such as pizzas or ice cream, luxurious ballroom treat, or just casual coffee shop and bistro eateries.
  • Activities – Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities, cultural lectures, educational tours led by naturalists and historians or simply lounge by the pool and relax. At night, enjoy dance extravaganzas, musical revues, gaming or a quiet evening gazing at the stars.
  • Family friendly – There are many activities available on a cruise such as sightseeing, sports, musical performance, and also kids friendly programs and activities such as games and educational programs. This makes cruise a very popular option for families going on holidays.

Wherever your cruise destination is, the cruise ship normally leaves the dock early in the morning to give you ample opportunity to get off and exploring the destinations during the day. While getting all excited about the cruise tour, sometimes people forget about the logistics or how you will get to the cruise terminal on the first day.

There are several options to consider when arranging your cruise transfers. You can drive to the terminal if it is not too far of a distance as most cruise terminals will have parking spaces available. Note however that the prices may vary and some terminals might charge a high cost on their parking so make sure you find out how much parking will cost before taking this option.

If you have friends or families that can drop you off to the cruise terminal this would be an excellent way to save money and be free from the hassle of driving and parking at the cruise terminals. However, if you do not have someone, there are always cruise terminal transfers options available. For example, if you live in Sydney or Wollongong area in NSW Australia, you can simply contact us to get the best quote and we will make sure that your cruise transfers are taken care of.

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Kent Creighton

10 November 2015, 05:19 AM

Require price and availability to pick up 4 people from Wollongong to transfer to white bay Sydney for a cruise which departs at 4pm on the 24th November for a 13 night cruise and then transfers from Sydney back to Wollongong when it returns.


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